Dressel Divers materializes its commitment to nature......

The renowned water sports company, Dressel Divers, launched its brand "Go Green" on March 7th in all its destinations. An initiative that aims to involve customers and employees with the environmental commitment of the company.

With over twenty years’ experience, Dressel Divers offers a wide selection of diving, snorkeling and water sport services in its dive center bases in the Caribbean.  In all this time, Dressel Divers has maintained a green spirit that goes beyond the conservation of the oceans, to include our whole natural environment and all plant and animal life on our planet.

Now, the Spanish company wants to give visibility to this spirit and embarks itself on a wider eco-friendly mission with its "Go Green Project".

Go Green, the Dressel Divers' legacy to the future generations

Javier Ibrán, CEO Dressel Divers International, confirms that “Go Green is intended to be the Dressel Divers' legacy to the future generations”

“Go Green is an attitude, a philosophy, a commitment to raise consciousness, transmit the responsibility of each individual for the care of our planet” – Says Mister Ibrán. To achieve this goal, Dressel Divers focuses on the development and promotion of actions of awareness, protection of the environment and reduction of the footprint of environmental impact.

Go Green wants to be where nature asks for help, to take action for the environment, to raise awareness about its conservation. It wants to collaborate with those associations committed with nature. Not only with ocean conservation organizations, but of those focused-on fauna and flora conservation in general.  The goal is help and participate with those who contribute to the mood, effort and enthusiasm to make this world a better place to live. For instance, Dressel Divers is already collaborating with several local conservation projects nearby its different bases such as Project Aware, Fundemar, Collares Rojos, Compasión Animal, Green Star Award, and particularly the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Dressel Divers celebrates the Go Green’s launch with its guests.

One of the first Go Green Project actions that will be celebrated is an ocean floor cleaning In Bayahibe (The Dominican Republic), on March 20th. This important cleaning job will be done by volunteer scuba divers, most of them guests of Dressel Divers, and who will interrupt their normal vacation planning in order to help the environment in a fun way. Of course, they will be guided by Dressel Divers' professionals.

In addition, Go Green initiatives continue online in its interactive web. On, the company promotes user participation. Those users who wants to share their pictures and show their own green behavior will be able to do that.

But talking is too easy. So, Go Green prefers to begin its initiative with a real action .They have open a promotion on their web to participate in a special draw. The winner will get 200 USD to help the nature conservancy NGO that he or she chooses.

Go green is the fruit of mixing two passions, scuba diving and nature.

With its brand, Go Green, Dressel Divers blends its passion for diving with its love for nature, in other words, resulting in a new concept of sustainable tourism, which is, at the same time, active and environmentally respectful.

This international scuba diving company imparts training programs to its staff that have a direct repercussion in higher safety for its guests and nature. It consists of a highly prepared team with, more than two decades of experience in diving, snorkeling and waters sports exclusively dedicated to these activities.

In addition, just about all Dressel Divers’ staff obtain their professional diving qualifications through its own PADI Career Development Center. They are, therefore, trained within its own philosophy and in harmony with the environmental objectives of Dressel Divers.

Consequently, this international scuba diving company has made of sustainable diving a competitive advantage. It provides its clients with an experience that goes beyond diving, the satisfaction of doing something for the blue planet.

In order to help ensure that future generations can also enjoy the underwater world, Dressel Divers contributes to reef protection through the implementation of responsible snorkeling and diving practices.  These sustainable diving commandments are taught by its instructors to their guest by means of the dive briefings.

Dressel Divers is grateful for the confidence that guests show each and every time they chose it for scuba diving and is proud of its customers, responsible divers who, together with their committed employees, make GO GREEN a reality. Its legacy for future generations.